Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did I Mention I was Blond?

Because really, only someone very blond would pull something as absent minded as this-
My friend wanted to go, about 10 years ago, to check his father's headstone, see whether or not it had been laid.
After parking and viewing his father's grave; we started innocently wandering from his truck. This particular cemetery was vast and quite expansive in it's beauty and history. I was completely enthralled and wanted to explore and explore and explore...
The sun had begun to set. We kept reading graves and going over bridges with ponds and lovely, royal swans swimming peacefully... I remember those swans; it grew darker. And darker. And dark. We started heading back.
But as we did, millions of fireflies, noiseless and stunning, made their way around the cemetery like little green phantoms. They were everywhere~ breathtakingly beautiful.
But alas, we had stayed too long! The gate was locked. We tried another. Locked. Another... locked! Locked in the cemetery at night with no way out.
I wasn't scared, I would not go that far- but I wasn't comfortable either. You know? Just a leetle unsettling.
Like a couple of dopes, the only thing left to do was knock on the cemetery's funeral home, as one was adjacent to the property, and tell them what a couple of oafs we are and could they let us out please?
They said after over 25 years in the funeral business, they'd never seen anyone locked in the cemetery after dark before.
I did mention my hair color, right?

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