Monday, July 27, 2009

Boo Hoo

We can't go to the cemetery tomorrow as we planned because of all the rain we had today. I was looking forward to it- me and my friend, Susan.

It's just going to be far too muddy.

I do have a little confession. How I said before I'm not afraid to go to cemeteries.. not even in the dark. Well, this one that we are going to has {{{gasp}}} snakes! I know because we saw a huge one last time, which I really didn't see as it scurried quickly under a large pile of wood that had been cut down from the overgrown tree branches.

Normally, I don't mind snakes. But big, huge, whopping Oh-My-G0d-Did-You-See-That?! snakes; not so much.

Also, this particular cemetery is very old- 1862- and has
all but been abandoned at one time. It sits very far back from any life- it has a gate and a road that leads up to it, which, if you were to walk, you'd think you were in one of those horror movies. I promise you, you would.

And one last thing. I want to tell you a story about the last time I was there. Something caught my eye and it was over to my left as I squatted down on my knees to better read a grave. As I was learning this man came all the way from Denmark in the 1800's, and what do you think? A bone. Not an animal bone! It was a bone from a human vertebrae- a back bone. I didn't know if I should leave it or take it. Leaving it seemed wrong and taking it seemed wrong.

I decided after much moral and ethical debate as to what the proper thing
to do was- I did take it. I gave it to my friends who own a mortuary, you know, to show them and they said, yes, this is human all right. Nonetheless, they said the DNA would be so extremely old, there's really no way of knowing who the bone belonged to; so I kept it, which posed numerous complexities for me as I'm highly organized... I don't happen to have a "bone collection".

I found a little grey glass case with soft sides, and there it resides in my upper left kitchen drawer. Waiting.. Ha.


  1. Haha...I would be too scared to take the bone. As if the person that it belonged to would be missing part of them and start haunting me to come and get it. BTW. I'll be following this blog now to see where you go and what you do. If you ever want to be a guest author at Cemetery Explorers let me know. It'll be a good way to get your blog out there too...

  2. That is quite an offer. Thank you. I emailed you too. Wonderful to hear from you.
    >You really think someone would come back and haunt me? I don't think that's even credible because.. WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?!