Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheating a Little On Tombstone Tuesday- but it really IS Tuesday!

Okay, everything is getting all lined up.

Pink digital camera? Check.

Good weather? Uncheck.

It rained so much the last few days here in Texas, that the cemetery would simply be covered in mud... so- I'm forging ahead nonetheless.

The first picture above is that of my Great Aunt Ernestine. I swiped this picture of her grave from some gracious and kind soul who was already visiting her cemetery when it was, apparently, not raining.

Let me tell you about Ernestine. Ernestine was sister to my grandmother- and yikes, before you get the idea that I'm very old- I want you to understand that all the women in my line of mother's had each other at the age of 38 or older. Therefore, (she said in her vanity) though Ernestine was born in 1878 which was one hundred and thiry one years ago- I myself fall into no such classification.

Moving on- the curious thing about Ernestine was, for quite some time; I knew she had died here in Lewisville, but I could never locate her grave!

She is not buried with my other family members. I went around asking for a good two years, but WHAT did they do with her?!

The internet can be a wonderful place. When I googled her- there she was~ which lead me not only in finding her, but this very historic cemetery, Smith Cemetery, which I will be writing a great deal about.