Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today is "The Day of the Dead"- I Did NOT Know That!

Day of the Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Many people believe that during the Day of the Dead, it is easier for the souls of the departed to visit the living. People go to cemeteries to communicate with the souls of the departed, and build private altars, containing the favorite foods and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia, of the departed. The intent is to encourage visits by the souls, so that the souls will hear the prayers and the comments of the living directed to them. Celebrations can take a humorous tone, as celebrants remember funny events and anecdotes about the departed.[3]"

I'm wondering if I go to the cemetery today, will I find people, Mexican people, visiting graves of their loved ones?

Though I do not agree with "praying for the dead" and trying to speak to the departed- yet I do think it is very important to remember those who have died and to plan some sort of remembrance for them.

Arguably, the whole Association of Graveyard Rabbits do thus.

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